10 science games to play at the beach

What can you do at the seaside with 2-6-year-old children? Here is a list of fun and educational games to try at the beach.

Science can be learned anywhere

We all know what it means to go to the beach with children: lots of fun and games, amusing scenes to photograph, but also not-so-relaxing moments, a thousand bags to carry and many, many “childish” situations 🙃  to manage.

In some situations we need a diversion to entertain our kids and there is nothing better than wonderful educational games! After all, who said that learning only takes place in schools? 

Well, if it’s true that science is everywhere, then you’ll find it at the beach too!

Beach games for smart kids

Here are some games you can do at the beach that children will love and that hide a scientific concept to be discovered. 

1. Let’s play with shadows

Choose objects of different shapes – like sand moulds for example – hold them in your hand and observe the shadows in the sand together. The shadows can be drawn with a stick and if you put the shape away, you will see the strange shapes that emerge! Then you can explain to your child how shadows work or simply observe their surprised look when they see that the shadow on the sand is very different from the shape of the object they had chosen.

This game trains their visual perception.

2. Water on the head!

This game is perfect for two or more people: little brothers and sisters, uncles, parents and grandparents, anyone can play it! First, mark a start and finish line in the sand, then place a glass full of water on your head (or in your hand if your child is too small) and start walking: the winner is the person who covers the most distance without spilling the water.

This game trains proprioception, which is our ability to know the position of our body in space and to stay balanced.

3. Treasure map

Choose a toy, a stone or a shell and hide it under the sand not too far from you. Then draw the path to find it on a sheet of paper, perhaps embellishing it with funny drawings of everything around you, then help the child to follow the path.

This game will help train visual attention, reasoning and stimulate your child’s intuition.

4. Recognise the shape

With a stick, draw shapes in the sand which are all fairly close together, e.g. make a grid consisting of:

  • Row 1: circle-square-triangle
  • Row 2: circle-triangle-square
  • Row 3: triangle-circle-square

The child has to walk only on the circles or only on the squares etc. with both feet or hopping on one foot if it is not too small.

As a result, this game will develop your child’s knowledge of shapes and motor skills.

5. The states of matter

Take some ice with you and show your child what happens during the day: it melts and then evaporates.

6. Pattern recognition (coding)

Collect rocks and shells, then arrange them in a certain sequence, e.g. rock, shell, rock, shell and leave an empty space at the end. The child must complete the sequence. As you go on, you can make more and more complex sequences.

This is a coding game for children and it stimulates logical reasoning.

7. Debugging (coding)

Make up a sequence, but deliberately miss one of the points: the child has to correct it by removing the wrong element and replacing it with the correct one.

This game is also good training for logic. 

8. Sets (coding)

The last coding game: collect stones and shells and ask the child to divide them into sets, e.g. all the shells in one bucket and the stones in another. Then separate those of similar shape and size or sort them by color. 

9. Large/small

Choose a shell or a stone and ask your child to look for a bigger or smaller one. This game will train their visual memory and perception of size.

10. Sand castle

OK, you’re thinking: “Oh yeah, what a great discovery!”. But actually, building sandcastles trains children’s manual and creative skills and leads to the discovery of the concept of gravity and the physical relationship between sand and water.

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