Leveraging Technology to Supercharge Learning

Elevating Classroom Experiences in the UK

As the educational landscape continually evolves, the onus is on schools and educational platforms to adapt and innovate. Recognizing the transformative power of technology, BenQ, a leader in visual display solutions, has partnered with Marshmallow Games, a frontrunner in educational app development. Together, they are reshaping the way nursery and primary school students in the UK engage with their education.

Amplifying Student Engagement Through a Pioneering Partnership

Enhanced Learning in English and STEM: BenQ and Marshmallow Games are on an expedition to accelerate learning in critical areas such as English and STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). By converging state-of-the-art interactive displays with dynamic, educational app content, they offer an all-encompassing, immersive learning experience.

Instant Access to Smart Tales: The cornerstone of this groundbreaking collaboration is Smart Tales, the eminent educational app by Marshmallow Games. This app will now be seamlessly accessible via the BenQ App Store, opening up a treasure trove of interactive and animated narratives. These aren’t merely stories; they are a launchpad for grasping complex STEM subjects. Designed to be both educational and engaging, Smart Tales aims to kindle a lifelong love for learning from an early age.

Active Participation: The Catalyst for Enhanced Learning

Smart Tales aspires to elevate active learning by encouraging children to become engaged participants in the storytelling process. By accessing the app through BenQ’s App Store, classrooms will have immediate availability to over 1,000 interactive activities. These activities are designed to stimulate core developmental skills such as memory, attention, logic, and critical thinking.

Partners Committed to Transforming Education

Nicola Pearce, Head of Education at BenQ, expressed her excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to deepen our commitment to reinvigorating learning experiences through this strategic partnership with Marshmallow Games. This partnership isn’t just another milestone for us; it’s a reflection of our ongoing commitment to place students at the core of our innovations.”

Likewise, Cristina Angelillo, CEO of Marshmallow Games, remarked, “Our collaboration with BenQ is more than just a partnership; it’s a revolution. Together, we are setting the stage for a more interactive, more engaging, and ultimately more effective form of learning.”

The Global Impetus: The Critical Need to Prioritize STEM Education

Globally, the emphasis on improving STEM education has reached a fever pitch. Educational stakeholders and governments worldwide have noticed a declining interest among students in STEM-related career paths. By introducing novel, captivating methods of teaching these subjects, the collaboration between BenQ and Marshmallow Games aims to inspire a new generation of avid learners and, eventually, highly-skilled professionals in industries currently facing a talent gap.

The Future of Education is Here

In sum, the collaboration between BenQ and Marshmallow Games serves as a testament to what’s possible when innovative technology merges with dynamic educational content. The partnership has unlocked a new echelon of educational experiences, promising to shape the leaders, creators, and innovators of tomorrow.

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