4 tips for a peaceful return to school

Another summer has flown by and it’s time to get ready for school. When this moment comes, kids are faced with a mix of emotions for the end of the holidays and the new beginning full of challenges they will have to face. This step can be stressful because rhythms and habits change. But how is it possible to make the return to school happier and more peaceful?

Here is a list of tips to prepare your little one for the big day.

Adjustment of schedules and routines

In the summer, the daily routine is much more flexible for children too! When September comes, we ask our children to change their habits too abruptly. Instead, it is necessary to start adjusting the times gradually about 2-3 weeks before the start of classes. This will allow them to get used to and be ready for the first day of school.

Remember the good times of summer

During the summer vacation, kids have many fun adventures: outings, days in the pool and visits to amusement parks. It is a good idea to end the summer by remembering all the good times spent looking back at photos and telling stories about what you did. This will help children end the holiday chapter in the best possible way and keep them from being nervous about the new start.

Learn to manage emotions

The transition between the end of the holidays and the beginning of a new school year can also be tiring from the point of view of social relationships: new teachers, classmates, activities and the environment. How exhausting!

Be empathetic and encourage your child to share their feelings with you. You can help you with Smart Tales’ collection of short stories dedicated to emotions!

Reinforce the positive aspects of going back to school

Kids can associate going back to school with many negative aspects: the end of summer, the return of colder days or getting up early in the morning! For all these reasons, it is essential to support children with motivational phrases such as: “You are growing up!”, “You will learn many new things!”, “You can make new friends!” or “You’ll start doing fun activities again!”.

Discover Smart Tales

We’re helping kids manage happiness, fear and sadness for the first day of school with a new story from the “Emotions” collection. The wise dragon Peng will accompany Lisa the hare in this new adventure among the school desks. Read it together with your little one to reassure them!

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