Educational worksheets: why they are useful

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The worksheets, also frequently used by teachers, help kids to relate to the surrounding environment through illustrations, exercises and games. In fact, kids try their hand at tracing lines, drawing and coloring, comparing sizes, playing with geometric shapes, writing the letters of the alphabet and numbers. In this way, they gradually approach writingcalculation and drawing, satisfying the desire to learn.


Preschool age is that period of a kid’s development, between the ages of 3 and 5, which precedes entry into school. During this very delicate age group, a child  begins to face the first challenges of their growth path. Development of linguistic complexity and richnesssocialization and comparison with others are just some of the many aspects that affect a kid’s behavioral state.

How do I support them?

First of all with empathy and sensitivity, but also by stimulating their cognitive development, or the way in which a child learns everything around them. The greater the stimulations the greater their level of development of individual cognitive functions: memory, perception, concentration, attention and imagination.

Among the specific skills in preschool we find the recognition of colors, the first numbers, differences, geometric shapes and letters of the alphabet. Finding the right activities best prepares you for entering elementary school. An effective and supportive tool are the educational worksheets.


On our site you will find over one hundred pre-graphingpre-calculation and drawing activities in the “Worksheets” section.

Smart Tales educators, speech therapists and illustrators have created 101 educational worksheets ideal for kids aged 3-5, divided by topic.

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