UNICEF and Smart Tales together for every child

Smart Tales has dedicated a collection of original stories to UNICEF on some important social issues.

The collection of short stories promoted by UNICEF

Charlie the fawn who cleans up the forest, the ocean floor freed from plastic by Luke the crab and Lisa the hare who teaches kids to be inclusive and to collaborate: those who know the stories of Smart Tales know how the adventures of our protagonists entertain children while at the same time teaching them important values.

Smart Tales is a rich collection of stories devoted to science and the promotion of values ​​to its child audience.

UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund), which has always been committed to defending children’s rights, has chosen Smart Tales as an innovative means of transmitting to children through educational stories those healthy and fundamental values ​​it promotes in the world.

For us it is a great recognition of the work that we carry out every day with dedication, to make our little users grow up happily.

UNICEF has recognized the validity of our app and has put together a dedicated collection of a series of original stories. These cover fair play, inclusion, collaboration and respect for the environment and other issues such as the prevention of bullying and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Children champions of their own rights

Educating children from an early age to help them understand and defend their rights is the first step in building a better world.
The stories of Smart Tales are a means to achieve this awareness: simple words and animated characters in which children can recognize themselves. These allow them to learn to distinguish and understand errors in known contexts.
Children learn by playing and having fun what it means to “have rights”. They learn the importance and significance of health, healthy nutrition, friendship, play, participation and thereby become aware of these matters.

Find the UNICEF collection featured in the app and have fun discovering it with your child!

Discover Smart Tales

A new collection of stories has been promoted by UNICEF Italy to raise awareness among children about collaboration, healthy living and other important social issues. Discover the collection!

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