Magnetism for Kids: Engaging Activities and Experiments

Magnetism for Kids: Engaging Activities and Experiments

Children are innately curious about the world around them, often delighting in everyday phenomena that adults take for granted. Magnetism, with its invisible forces and amazing effects, is one such phenomenon that sparks wonder and excitement in young minds. The concept of magnetism can seem abstract, but when explained in a child-friendly manner, it can pave the way for children to develop an early interest in science. Besides, understanding magnetism also enhances children’s logical reasoning and spatial perception skills, which are crucial in their cognitive development. In this article, we delve into the world of magnetism, provide easy-to-understand explanations of how magnets work, and suggest fun, hands-on activities and experiments to make learning magnetism a stimulating activity for children aged 3 to 6.

Magnetism: A Simplified Guide for Kids

At its core, magnetism is the invisible force that pulls certain items towards a magnet or pushes them away. Magnets come in various shapes and sizes but they all have two ends, called the north and south poles. Opposite poles attract each other, while the same poles repel. This principle is one of the fundamental rules of magnetism. It might be fascinating to know that the Earth itself acts like a giant magnet, thanks to its molten iron core. That’s why a compass, which has a tiny magnet inside, always points north – it’s following the Earth’s magnetic pull! Even more interestingly, magnetism is everywhere around us. From the fridge magnets that hold up your artwork to the magnetic strip on the back of a credit card, magnets are integral to our daily lives. Teaching children about magnetism not only answers their curious questions but also fosters a lifelong love for learning and exploring science.

Fun and Easy Magnet Experiments for Kids

Learning by doing is a proven approach to make complex concepts more digestible for young minds. Here are some fun activities that can introduce magnetism to children in an enjoyable and educational way.

  1. Magnetic Treasure Hunt: Hide various objects, both magnetic and non-magnetic, around the room and give your child a magnet. Let them discover which items the magnet can pick up.
  2. DIY Magnetic Slime: Combine education with creativity by making a magnetic slime. This gooey substance is fun to play with and has an added magic of being attracted to magnets.
  3. Magnet Painting: Dip a magnet in paint and let your child move it with another magnet from under the paper to create unique artwork.
  4. Creating a Compass: Teach your child about Earth’s magnetism by helping them create a simple compass using a magnet, a piece of cork, and a bowl of water.
  5. Magnetic Maze: Draw a maze on a piece of paper and use a magnet underneath the paper to guide a paperclip through the maze.

By performing these simple and exciting activities, children can develop a tangible understanding of magnets and their properties, setting a solid foundation for further scientific learning.

How to Teach Magnetism

Engaging children in the study of magnetism can be a rewarding experience. With the resources available in the Smart Tales app, you can stimulate children’s fascination with this scientific phenomenon through captivating stories, games, and educational worksheets designed to make learning engaging and enjoyable.

1. Smart Tales Stories - Magnetism

Our Smart Tales app hosts a selection of stories that is crafted to pique a child’s interest and curiosity about magnetism while providing a fun and entertaining learning experience. These stories combine education with imagination, creating a lasting impression on young minds.

2. Smart Tales Games - Magnetism

Learning becomes an adventure with the interactive games in our Smart Tales app. Each game is designed to give children a hands-on approach to understanding magnetism.

3. Smart Tales Educational Worksheets - Magnetism

With our selection of carefully designed educational worksheets, children can explore magnetism at their own pace. These worksheets reinforce the concepts taught in the stories and games, allowing children to apply what they’ve learned in a tangible way.


Magnetism, while an invisible force, is a tangible part of our everyday lives. Introducing children to this phenomenon through stories, games, and educational worksheets can kindle a lifelong interest in science. The Smart Tales app makes this exploration engaging, interactive, and fun, fostering a love for learning that lasts beyond the early years. So dive in and let your little ones embark on an electrifying journey of scientific discovery.

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