Chemistry for 3-Year-Olds - Acid-Base Reaction

Drag the Vinegar and Baking Soda - Begin the Acid-Base Reaction!


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What activities can be found in 'Chemistry for 3-Year-Olds - Acid-Base Reaction'?

Children participate in an exciting, hands-on experiment by dragging vinegar into a bottle and baking soda into a balloon, sparking a fun acid-base reaction.

What learning outcomes does 'Chemistry for 3-Year-Olds - Acid-Base Reaction' offer?

This interactive experiment helps children understand a fundamental concept in chemistry, the acid-base reaction.

Who facilitates the learning in 'Chemistry for 3-Year-Olds - Acid-Base Reaction'?

The friendly owl guides the children, breaking down the chemistry concept into easy, child-friendly terms, helping them explore the science behind everyday phenomena.

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