Interactive Chemistry for 3-Year-Olds - Acid-Base Reaction

Activate the Acid-Base Reaction - Tap to Drop the Baking Soda!


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What happens in 'Interactive Chemistry for 3-Year-Olds - Acid-Base Reaction'?

Watch the wonder of chemistry come to life as children tap to release baking soda into a bottle, sparking an acid-base reaction. This interactive experience demystifies a fundamental chemical process.

What can children learn from 'Interactive Chemistry for 3-Year-Olds - Acid-Base Reaction'?

Through this fun and engaging activity, children learn about acid-base reactions, gaining a fundamental understanding of chemical interactions. This knowledge builds a strong foundation for future scientific learning.

Who guides the activity in 'Interactive Chemistry for 3-Year-Olds - Acid-Base Reaction'?

Our friendly owl guides young learners through each step of the process, explaining chemical concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, and ensuring chemistry becomes an exciting and accessible subject for all.

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