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Manu's full of emotion!

It's Manu's birthday but he is sad because he has lost his favorite toy. His forest friends promptly throw a surprise party to lift his spirits. This mini-story teaches the recognition of the variety of emotions and to experience them all serenely. These interactive games are based on logical reasoning. 


The ocean turned upside-down!

A seaquake brings disarray and disorder to a little village of fish! Each one of them loses something and Luke, the great collector who is jealous about all his precious treasure, learns the importance of sharing. 


Billy the postman

Although he may seem clumsy and awkward, Billy the hippo is the postman of the jungle. È He is very agile and super organized! His mission is to deliver invitations to all animals. This rhyming story enriches the “Ray in the Jungle” collection with more educational games to teach math. 


Precise Sal

Sal also helps clean the forest. He is a very tidy and meticulous racoon and everyone calls him "the fusspot". This story introduces the concept of respect for the environment and teaches kids how to dispose of waste properly. The activities are based on computational thinking (coding).


Vicky, the naughty monkey

The last episode of "The Jungle" collection features Vicky the monkey and her continuous pranks. The children have to sort out her mischief. Interactive games help to become familiar with mathematical operations such as adding and subtracting. Finally, the story teaches the importance of respecting others and apologizing in order to live in harmony.


Leo and Terry, nice dancers!

The dancers Leo the catfish and Terry the eel also participate in the Oceanics. All athletes are ready to perform elegant choreography, but they need help with the numbers on their bibs. With this story, children learn to match numbers to corresponding graphic signs.


Where is Claire the Chicken?

Learning colors, numbers and shapes is easy with Claire the hen.In this last story of “The Farm” collection, Claire hides with her chicks on a hot day. We don’t known if she's taking a nap or if she's looking for food… while kids search for her, they learn to count.


Cristina and Mauritius, what a good shot!

The Oceanics continue with the small fish Cristina and Mauritius and the challenge of target shooting. Circle, triangle, square... there are many shapes to play with! Eventually the arrow closest to the center will be the winning one. This story introduces children to some geometric concepts and teaches them to recognize simple shapes. 


Dino and Giusy And the relay!

“The Oceanics” collections ends with a relay race. Giusy and Dino participate enthusiastically with logical reasoning activities being proposed. This series set in the ocean closes with an important lesson: like the octopus Mickey who has an ink stain, we too have special signs that distinguish us from others. 

Visual spatial

Bonnie, Lisa and Manu: I'm so hungry!

The only way to persuade Bonnie the fox, Lisa the hare and Manu the wolf to help clean the forest is promising them food as a reward! So while the trio makes itself useful, kids have to distribute fruit and acorns fairly between the characters and learn multiplication and division.


Smart Games

Smart Games contain logic and memory games, puzzles and stickers, games to train visual memory, attention and logical association.
Each content is designed to stimulate the fundamental skills to prepare kids for entry into primary school.


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