Inclusion for 3-4-5 Year Olds - Puzzle Unicef

Celebrate diversity and acceptance with this delightful 6-piece puzzle featuring a unique sheep community!


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What's in 'Inclusion for 3-4-5 Year Olds - Puzzle Unicef'?

Unveil the story of acceptance and unity with this 6-piece puzzle. Your mission? Recreate a warm scene of a black sheep being accepted by white and gray sheep.

What skills can be honed through 'Inclusion for 3-4-5 Year Olds - Puzzle Unicef'?

Children get to improve their visuospatial abilities while learning about a critical social value – inclusion. It's an excellent way to promote acceptance and celebrate diversity.

Who is the protagonist in 'Inclusion for 3-4-5 Year Olds - Puzzle Unicef'?

The black sheep takes center stage, but every sheep in this narrative contributes to the message of acceptance and inclusivity. Children can enjoy piecing together their story.

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