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Meet Zaldo

The Lion


😁Always cheerful
😱 Wimp 
🥳 Party animal


🦁 He has the loudest roar among felines


Who's afraid of the dark?

Who said a king can't be afraid? Zaldo the lion, like a good feline, loves the dark and when the sun is out he is afraid of the shadows! Fortunately, some dear friends help him overcome his fears.

Who will become King of the jungle?

Zaldo is the king of the jungle and is worried that the newly arrived dinosaur Oscar may steal his primacy. In a roaring contest it is Oscar who wins, but he's not interested in taking his place, just becoming friends.

Santa, do you love me?

In the jungle preparations for Christmas are in full swing and Zaldo is the only one who is sad. A misunderstanding made his Christmas spirit waver. The children, by solving the games, help the lion to find the right spirit.  

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