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Meet Oscar

The Dino


🥰 Very sweet
🤹‍♂️ Playful
🍰 Big eater


🦖 His arms are too short


Lord Thomas looks for the monster

The gentle snake Thomas meets a strange creature in the jungle: it is the dinosaur Oscar, injured and in need of help. Thomas promptly helps him. This is a story that teaches us to be kind to everyone and to not judge a book by its cover.

Oscar, did you eat my friends?!

Lord Thomas introduces Oscar to his friend Ray the elephant, but something unexpected happens: Ray mistakes the dinosaur for a monster and a misunderstanding risks compromising a friendship between the two. The story teaches us to look beyond appearances, while interactive games enhance visual-spatial intelligence.

Where are the baby parrots?

The parrot Ambrose has heard that a monster is out and about in the jungle and is scared because he cannot find the baby parrots. His friend Jackson will reassure him and help him solve the mystery. The story teaches kindness to others and offers pattern recognition exercises.

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