There's no more room in the dojo

In the dojo, the wise bear Andrew trains everyday with his students. One day, a new girl arrives (a hare) but the rest of the group (boy raccoons) don’t want to accept this new member. This story teaches the importance of inclusion and helps children understand what bullying is and why it’s bad.


Where is Shari the Sheep?

Shari the sheep is very vain and has a lovely soft coat. She is always ready to play some pranks, but she is so cute and fragrant that in the end she always manages to be forgiven. With this rhyming story children learn counting through interactive games in a fun way. 


Queen Flo!

The ants in the woods are very hardworking and Flo is the queen of all. With this rhyming tale, kids need to collect and give new life to used objects and they also learn ensembles and logical associations to arrange and classify objects correctly. 


Luna goes to CASA

It's Luna's first day at school and our hen is very excited. The first lesson is about gravity in space, a concept that seems complicated to her at first. But with a little dedication and focus, she discovers that it is really fun to learn new things about astronomy. 

Visual spatial

A cow in the shoes of a horse

Sue, the sweet cow, isn’t happy just being a simple cow on the farm. She wants to help out more and decides to live her dream: to help Jeff the farmer in the way that Jeff the horse can. This story teaches the value of self-confidence and the importance of following your dreams with strength and belief in yourself.


You run like you eat!

Jeff is a greedy horse who loves eating only sweets and snacks. Unfortunately, his eating habits do not help him being agile and fit. Only after losing the race at the farm Jeff realizes how important it is to eat healthily. The story teaches that vegetables are not only good... but they can also be fun! 

Visual spatial

The lost pendant

The friendly monkey Vicky has a little problem to resolve: she can’t find her precious pendant (a present from her sister who lives in Africa)! Desperate and worried, she asks her friends for help to find it and learns lots about different perspectives along the way.

Visual spatial

An ocean of plastic

Luke the crab is a great collector, but it has become difficult for him to find new shells among the plastic accumulated on the beach and in the ocean. Together with his friends he decides to do something about it. Con questo mini-racconto i bambini possono apprendere l’importanza della condivisione e del riuso.


Jeff e le sue strane regole

Mentre le galline della fattoria sono intente a giocare a pallavolo, Jeff il cavallo interviene con prepotenza per cambiare le regole del gioco. L’arbitro però decide di dargli una seconda possibilità… With this mini-story, children learn the importance of sharing and reuse. 

Visual spatial

Corinne’s melodies

Corinne the Gazelle is the music teacher of the jungle; in this story she struggles with unruly elephants and slightly out of tune turtles. The activities included in the story concern the animal-pupils of the class: the children are asked to put them in order according to some of their characteristics, stimulating their ability to perceive space. 

Visual spatial

Lord Thomas

Lord Thomas is a one-of-a-kind snake: always elegant and refined, he loves order and cleanliness. In this rhyming tale his aim is finding and organizing all the presents he lost in the jungle during a storm. Interactive games are based on visual attention and visual-spatial skills. 

Visual spatial

Josh and Frank the Jumpers!

The time has come for the jumping contest in the great Oceanics competition and Frank and Josh prepare the platforms to compete. The interactive games invite kids to stretch the tracks or to find out which of the fish jumps farthest, thus practising some mathematical operations.


Claude and Dave Wonderful swimmers!

At the Oceanics the time has come for the jumping competition and the athletes Claude and Dave are ready. The crowd is waiting to see who will be the winners, but first you have to sort out all the obstacles: through games kids help to fix the mess while training with math and numerical series.


Alex, Daniel and Rosy Special divers!

Alex the dolphin, Rosy the whale and Daniel the tuna compete in the Oceanics diving competition. The proposed activities stimulate the capacity for logical reasoning. In this episode the exercises are based on logical associations, on different dimensions and heights: at the end of the race who will take first place on the podium?

Visual spatial

Pamela and John Score a Goal!

In this episode of the Oceanics the octopus John and the squid Pamela are intent on challenging each other in a game of water polo. Unfortunately, the athletes have the wrong numbers and symbols on their swimming caps and so the race cannot start. The proposed activities invite children to identify and correct mistakes.

Visual spatial

Max and Kitty Extraordinary Pitchers!

Max the shark and Kitty the moray are preparing for the throwing contest of the Oceanics, but there is a problem: they have nothing to throw! Fortunately, there is a wreck at the bottom of the ocean and they can collect many similar objects. In this episode the activities are studied on the basis of logical associations and spatial perception. 

Visual spatial

Luna meets Mauritius!

The rocket is ready: Luna is excited and a little nervous about leaving for space. She meets her first travel companion, Mauritius the shark, who has a few little problems with his equipment. Luna helps him fix his suit and helmet and together they get ready for a new adventure.


Jackson, can you see?

Even the rhinoceros Jackson can be deceived by appearances. When he first meets Oscar he too is terrified of the dinosaur. After the initial distrust, the two immediately become great friends. With this story children learn the value of friendship and train with coding activities.


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