5 useful tips to promote your child’s development

The various phases of the development of a child are important for a parent, establishing moments of joy as well as tiresome waiting periods. Waiting for these goals to be achieved (a baby’s first steps, the first uttered words, the first moment of separation, etc.) often influences a parent’s behavior towards his child, leading him to make a small mistake, or maybe not. 

Here are some handy tips to promote your child’s healthy and happy development.

1. Don’t give in to every single plea

A child immediately establishes the ability to explore.

Thanks to this exploration capability, a child will be able to get to know the environment that he lives in and that he’s subjected to, even if just temporarily, and he will explore surrounding objects and people, and define his existence in the environment.

Satisfying every single demand and whim during this phase (handing him objects that he could reach for himself, carrying him to another room) is all negative reinforcement that needs to be properly dealt with.

A child has to be given the opportunity to determine the best strategy to obtain his objective (objects, people, game related).

In other words, if you do everything for your child, he will never learn.

2. Don’t pester your child when he makes a mistake

Making mistakes is crucial in the growing development phase of a child. It determines a sound revision of the strategy used (how he discovers an object that is new to him, how he approaches a new amusement ride at the park). 

Since no child has well-established capabilities, when he is struggling, simply try to put him in a situation where he will have to gradually reach a higher goal, avoiding frustration from making mistakes, while constantly setting new challenges for him to face.

3. Rewards and punishments are equally important

There is nothing better than a reward at the end of an activity that your little one successfully carried out, but it’s equally important to establish a punishment in case of misbehavior that needs to be controlled (take away an object of his belonging or an activity that he enjoys).

What do these two measures have in common? Coherence.

Instantly building a relationship with one’s own child based on suggestions, promises and coherent reactions is the best choice to nail down a child’s critical instinct, with which he will learn to make choices and distinguish what is positive and what is not for his own human development. 

4. Do not compare him to others

By definition, identity “is the combination of unique qualities that makes an individual unique and one of a kind, thus that which makes us different from one another”.

Your child will create an identity that he will unveil to the world and you are responsible to make sure he grows healthy and strong. 

You’ll find it easy to evaluate the work that you are doing with your child, comparing him to others (brothers or sisters and other kids), but that is not the road you should take.

Play along with him in this journey, giving him time and space.

5. Show your total affection to your child

Handling your child’s development as your own responsibility does not mean that you should only encourage his independence. 

Hug him, tell him that you love him and show it to him as much as you can.

He really needs it now. And even more so in the future.

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